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Co-Occurring Disorders

A Unique Treatment Plan For Every Patient

Co-occurring disorders are known by the term dual diagnosis. This type of diagnosis is especially serious as it involves both the diagnosis of a mental health disorder and an addiction. While these conditions are inherently separate, they do impact each other to a profound degree. Moreover, one illness may directly lead to the other in time. With simultaneous treatment for concurrent disorders, sufferers can manage these diseases to lead normal, productive, and enriching lives. However, without treatment, these chronic illnesses will not cure themselves; in fact, there is every reason to believe they will progress.

Anxiety Disorder

Some anxiety comes naturally for everyone – awaiting test results, working against an impending deadline, or expecting to hear bad news. For most of us, this anxiety dissipates when the moments pass and life goes on. People suffering from...

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that affects moods, activity, and energy levels; it is also sometimes called manic-depressive disorder. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), around 2.6 percent of the Am...

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a formidable illness, but one that can be treated with psychiatric medications and psychotherapy. The name of this disorder does not provide much insight into what it is like to face this illness. The term wa...

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Depression Treatment “Depression” is a word we hear and use a lot, probably without knowing what it fully entails. For that reason, when someone has a real case of clinical depression, it’s easy to brush it off, saying ...

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Eating Disorder

Our society praises the super thin and often unattainable figures in magazines and on television. While almost everyone worries about their figures or weight at some point in their life, with young girls possibly being the most affected, it...

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Grief and Substance Abuse Losing a loved one is difficult, no matter the circumstances, and each person handles loss in his or her own unique way. Some internalize the pain, while others outwardly express their emotions. Grief is an int...

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In the case of co-occurring disorders, one illness typically impacts the onset of the other, and either one may actually occur first. In the case of mental illness, a sufferer may turn to drugs or alcohol to alleviate the anxiety, depression, or mania they feel due to their mental condition. When this use turns to abuse, as it often does, the sufferer is then at risk of developing an addiction. If addiction occurs, the sufferer now has two separate co-existing disorders to combat.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

Rehab treatment is designed to treat the drug and alcohol abuse problem at the same time that a person receives help for the mental issues of which they are the victims. Treatment is based on a complete background and an understanding of the disease that a person suffers from. A large part of rehab treatment involves the elimination of the stigma that mental disease and a substance abuse disorder often stamps a sufferer.

One of the most frequently diagnosed and the most often overlooked co-occurring disorder is depression. A depressed individual can be as cunning at hiding their depression as they are at protecting their use of drugs or alcohol to escape their depression.

Treatment has to be specifically designed to address mental illness. This necessitates the availability of trained experts that can manage the host of psychological issues that can be masked by drug and alcohol abuse. Experience is the best teacher in seeing that a person has a problem that drug and alcohol abuse only hide.

Rehab centers can help a person that suffers from co-occurring disorders to escape the terrible loneliness that they feel. Imagine if you can be trapped in a world that you sometimes think is real and frequently think is not real. Think about how difficult it is to deal with the real problem through a haze of drugs and alcohol.

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  • I'm from the suburbs of Chicago and have been in quite a few treatment centers. Circle of Hope is hands down the best and most comfortable rehab I have ever been in. Not to mention how caring and helpful all the staff are. The door to my counselors office was always open when ever you needed to talk. Everyone genuinely cares there and that’s what made it a special place for me. My four boys are going to get back their Sober and clean Dad back thanks to the help from Circle of Hope.

    Jeremy G.

  • Circle of hope changed my life!! Great food, great staff, wonderful place! Awesome to get to know the amazing clients and see that i was not alone in my recovery. I made friends for life in the short time i got to spend there. Not a better facility anywhere in my opinion!!The team of employees, from the Technicians all the way up to the Owner, all have a patient first mentality.

    Leto M

  • Going to treatment at circle of hope was one of the best programs Ive participated in, they helped me get my life back. They have amazing staff and over all good natured people. They focus on all aspects of counseling , case management, meetings, different types of therapy, including trauma, one on one counseling. This is coming from someone who has been traumatized and neglected. They helped me get to the root of the problem. Which most times can feel very uncomfortable but they provide groups that you participate in and communicate to other addicts and hear their life stories. They really are an organization of team working to help heal the conflicted minds of us addicts that we faced everyday. I would highly recommend this treatment program to anyone suffering from substance abuse or mental health.

    Skyy S

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