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Addiction Rehab Centers - Get 24 Hour Help Today! Circle Of Hope, the leading drug and alcohol rehab in the nation is your gateway to a hopeful life free from addiction. Our innovative and holistic approach to substance abuse treatment target the underlying issues to your addiction, so you can achieve long-lasting sobriety. Our team will guide you through the process to connect your mind, body, and spirit and start you on your life-long journey of recovery. We are available 24 hours a day nights weekends and holidays to help you or your loved one get into a rehab. Call now and get help!

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The Circle Of Hope' medical detox program for alcohol and drug addiction serves as a prelude to one of our addiction treatment programs and is meant to be the period during which our patients' bodies are cleansed of drugs and other harmful toxins. At Circle Of Hope, our central goal during medically supervised detox is to the keep patients safe during their process of detoxification and to alleviate as much of the pain and discomfort brought about by withdrawals as possible.

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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programs

Why Should You Go to Addiction Treatment and Not Just Detox? There’s getting clean, but the real challenge is staying clean. Circle Of Hope will not only help you get clean but also stay clean, so that you can live a happy, significant, sober new life. The most considerable difference between getting off drugs for a short time and staying off drugs utilizing a long term recovery plan lies in how you begin your recovery journey. The rate of sustained recovery increases if you seek treatment at a drug rehabilitation center rather than trying to stay clean alone.

Addiction Treatment Statistics

1.People who don’t receive addiction treatment have a 50% higher chance for relapse.

2.A third of people who opt for an addiction treatment program and stay sober for six months after their program maintain long-term sobriety.

You’ve reached a significant turning point in your life. You recognize that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs. After you’ve made this breakthrough, addiction treatment is the appropriate and crucial next step; it will help you build a stable foundation for recovery. A survey of addicts showed that attending a drug rehabilitation program improved their quality of life. The survey found:

1.Seven out of ten participants in an addiction treatment program made recovery breakthroughs that guided them to discover the core of their addiction.

2.About two-thirds of people who completed a drug program found gainful employment within a month of completing their drug treatment.

What Are the Benefits That Addiction Treatment Programs Have to Offer?

Medical Care and Medical Supervision. When you begin recovery, the first step is usually getting detoxed from alcohol and drugs. The detox process is critical, as substance withdrawals can occur rapidly and must be attended to by the appropriate medical practitioners for a safe, effective detox. Going to a medically supervised detox program with a team of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other certified medical staff will ensure that your medical needs are met.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab is a Safe Haven. Treatment is meant to be a comfortable, safe, and healing setting. At Circle Of Hope, we offer exactly that for addiction treatment. A safe, calm recovery setting lets you drop your guard and open up to therapy. It is crucial that the therapeutic process is facilitated in a physically and mentally safe haven when receiving addiction treatment.

Getting addiction treatment in a compassionate recovery environment makes all the difference when it comes to making breakthroughs and reaching the core of your addiction.

Therapeutic Treatment. One of the most critical resources that alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers offer is access to a wide range of therapeutic staff. Our clinical staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, primary therapists, group therapists, and mental health clinicians. This hard-working team provides you the guidance and support that will help you achieve sobriety. Our therapeutic staff treats the root causes of addiction and enables you to recover holistically.

50% of people with drug addiction also have mental illness like depression or anxiety

Aftercare and Post Care. Completing drug rehabilitation and returning home or staying to attend an aftercare program can feel exciting, joyful, and overwhelming at the same time.
While inpatient addiction treatment is a great starting program to overcome addiction, research proves that the longer period a person remains in an addiction treatment program, the more success they have in abstaining from alcohol and drug use.
The programs that we offer you all provide aftercare and continuing support. We offer aftercare groups, alumni relations, and telephone check-ins from the team. This is an essential part of your journey in recovery. Be certain to have a strong aftercare plan to ensure a lasting recovery.

Addiction Treatment - How To Start?

Take the first step to recovery today. Start now by contacting us on our 24 hour addiction treatment hot-line. Our phones are staffed with professionals who can get you into an addiction rehab center as fast as possible, sometimes within 24 hours of your first call. Call now, and get a better tomorrow!

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Addiction Rehab Reviews

Robert Bazilio

"Well Circle of Hope was an amazing experience for me. It was was the first time ever in a treatment facility and would recommend it to anyone looking for help cleaning up their life, the staff was very professional and helpful and the food was also very good thank you Circle of Hope for all you have done for me!!"

Alexis Zamarron

"The best possible place I could have gone to get treatment. The staff are friendly, patient, and caring. You can tell they love what they do, and know their client's wants/needs. I'm a very sensitive and particular person, and I absolutely thrived in the environment they create there. The atmosphere is very calm and laid back, and it really felt like a home away from home. I couldn't have asked for anything to be any better than exactly what I received. I also experienced the best counseling I have ever received there! "

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