At Circle Of Hope Treatment, your long-term recovery is our main priority . We want to ensure that your stay with us provides you with the skills and knowledge to live a happy, clean and sober life. Our goal is that upon graduating from our program, you’re ready to live your life to its fullest. Our alumni program is one of the many ways we help you stay focused and committed to your long-term recovery.

What to Expect from The Discovery House Alumni Program

Outpatient Treatment

The support groups within IOP allow individuals in recovery to develop social skills and communication skills to learn how to function in social situations without the use of drugs and alcohol as a social lubricant. The group leader shares information and skills with the group and the clients work together to help one another in their learning and recovery process be they new to recovery or not. The flexibility in supervision is beneficial to those new to recovery as it helps to prepare them for re-entry into the world while leading and maintaining a life of sobriety.

12 Step Program

We have found that combining 12 step programs with evidence based treatment modalities produces the best results for long-term recovery. Incorporating 12 step meetings and facilitating AA and NA groups is on of the features of our alumni program. This may involve hosting a meeting ourselves to traveling to local meetings. Recently we have been able to have all our alumni members across the globe come together in virtual meetings vis Zoom which has allowed for many of our graduates to re-connect and grow in their recovery.

Monthly Alumni Panel Meetings

All our alumni members are welcome to take part of our monthly alumni panel / meetings. During these meeting members are able to contribute to the growth of the group, and take part in planning future alumni events.

This provides another opportunity to interact with other individuals in recovery and be something greater than yourself.

Finally, you will get the opportunity to touch bases with the Circle Of Hope Staff!

Events and Get-togethers

Out Alumni team organizes weekly, monthly and yearly events. these events are designed to have fellowship and allow for people new and old to recovery to enjoy them selves in a clean and sober way.

Some of our Alumni events include:

  • Hiking
  • Beach outings
  • BBQs
  • Sports Gamed
  • And More!

Anyone who has graduated from our treatment program is eligible to join the alumni program. Out alumni team has frequent meetings and monthly outings which provides many opportunities to start participating. This group will help to establish and maintain a connection with the recovery community. This creates a great way for individuals to get “plugged in” to a sober network and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the group regularly undertakes projects and fundraising efforts that benefit the community at large.

Successfully completing your treatment program is just the first step. Now you have the skills and knowledge to live life on life’s terms. While having these skills is great, continued care is always beneficial. Having resources like an aftercare program and a sober network available to you is invaluable, especially during the rough times of recovery.

Benefits of Participating in an Alumni Program
  • Stay In Touch With Other Alumni In The Program
  • Connect With Others In Your Area
  • Attend Monthly Events Which Help You To Work Your Steps And Maintain Long-Term Recovery
  • Come Back To Speak On A Panel (It Feels Great To Pass On Your Story And Possibly Help Other People Struggling)
  • Find A Sponsor
  • Find Great Meetings Near You
  • Access To A Built-In Recovery Support System
Alumni Participation Promotes Recovery
  • Relapse is a genuine possibility, especially in the first year.
  • Continuing to work the 12 steps and serving the addiction community will help you prevent the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Upon discharge, you will have reliable relapse prevention tools to help you stay sober. The relationships that you will develop during your stay are ongoing, long-term and vital to us as well.
  • As a member of our alumni program, you will always have a support system to turn to who understand that the transition into a new life of sobriety isn’t always smooth especially in times of crisis.
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