Addiction Therapy Options

Our top rated substance abuse treatment specialists are here every step of the way. Why fight  addiction alone? Check out our world renown addiction therapy options!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

One of the most popular therapeutic models in the field of drug treatment

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Therapy option that uses a two-pronged approach

Individual & Group Therapy

Individual and group therapy are combined to produce optimal outcomes

Intensive Therapy

Intensive therapy is a key player in nearly all successful treatment

Our treatment therapies utilize evidence-based practices to provide a full spectrum of resources for those in residential treatment for addiction or alcoholism.

At Circle of Hope our continuum of care is designed to look at the holistic causes of addiction or dual diagnosis disorders and builds a customized plan for everyone in early recovery.

Research shows that continued care forms a crucial factor in achieving long-term recovery. Our dedication in providing this full continuum of care becomes essential to the later success of our client in the real world.

The residential addiction treatment programs provide intensive treatment, but throughout our levels of care we utilize a variety of treatment therapies. And the staff at Circle of Hope believes in supporting a high level of engagement and interaction, to model successful recovery practices.

However, you access our care, we’ve designed our program to offer support throughout, including our alumni program. These efforts are specifically structured to help reduce the risk of relapse, another pillar of our treatment therapies.

Our team of experts has decades of experience in the field and stands ready to help in whatever ways will ensure sobriety for you or your loved one. Contact us today to find out more about our treatment therapies and let us answer any questions you may have. Don’t delay, today can be the day to begin your recovery!

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