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Meet Our Incredible Treatment Team

Joy Crownover

Joy Crownover

Program Director

With over seven years of experience working in the field of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, Joy has an incredible passion for helping people recover from substance use disorders. She obtained her Associate of Arts in Addiction Studies from ICDC in 2013 and greatly benefited from her time as an intake counselor at the Salvation Army where she was on the front lines helping the most destitute. Joy is the backbone of the Circle of Hope programs, making sure everything runs smoothly. “At Circle of Hope, the amount of one on one care is so beneficial to the struggling addict. It has been my passion to help others see that life can be fun, free, and that they don’t have to let the disease win.”

Gwen Wilson

Gwen Wilson

Clinical Director

In addition to almost ten years of experience in the addiction treatment industry, Gwen also brings twelve years of recovery allowing her to truly connect with our clients. “I live what I teach which allows me to remain human to my clients. That along with being able to handle crisis situations calmly and produce a solution-based dialog all make up the foundation of my approach.” She graduated in 2010 from ICDC with her Associate of Arts in Addiction studies and started by working with families in the Compton, Inglewood, and Long Beach areas to reunite them through effective communication, intervention and prevention techniques. Gwen has been voted Counselor of the Year, Most Inspiring, and was presented with the Excellent Leadership Award. She’s also long been a favorite counselor among our clients.

Nikole Parades

Nikole Parades, RADT1, BLS, LVN

Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

Nikole has been working as a licensed vocational nurse in the addiction treatment industry for almost three years. She joined the Circle of Hope team when we first opened our doors in March 2018. “Being able to be of service to our clients is very rewarding. Interacting and getting to know clients of all different walks of life has taught me so much in my career and continues to do so.” She obtained her LVN at the Career Care Institute in 2013 and is currently working toward becoming a registered nurse (RN). By staying in constant communication with our physicians, admin team, and counselors Nikole is a pillar of our care team and ensures that our clients can receive the best care.

Robert Angulo

Robert Angulo, CCAPP, RADT1


Robert started his career in the U.S. Navy as a hospital corpsman, serving in the Gulf War. He then went on to become a supervisor at a Fortune 200 company where he managed 65 employees. With 46 months clean and sober, Robert graduated top of his class at the CCAPP Academy and has worked with us for over two years. He’s currently prepping for his state certification program.

Jorge Negron

Jorge Negron, CCAPP


When he joined the Circle of Hope family, Jorge had been working as a client advocate in the treatment industry for about two years. His passion for making a difference in the lives of those struggling with addiction is his driving force. “Not only do I get to help those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction every day, but I also get to see the difference I make. When our clients begin to learn that there’s more to life than substances, I know I helped them with that.  Once they leave our facility, sober and ready to take on the world, I can be proud of knowing I had a part in their journey.” In addition to being a father, he credits his nearly five years of sobriety as his most major life achievements. As a trained crisis interventionist and counselor, Jorge gets to put his personal experience and extensive knowledge to use helping others learn to live a new way of life.

Mario Urueta

Mario Urueta, RADT1

Shift Lead

Mario has an immense willingness and passion for helping others. But it wasn’t always this way. He picked up his first substance when he was just 12 years old and though he made many attempts to quit and get clean, he didn’t “see the light” until he was 45 years old. He spent almost his entire life in the haze of his substance use disorder. Not only is he familiar with the program but he’s also well-versed in how to work it. “Through working my program again and again I’ve realized that it is really just about community and connection. Connecting with others, helping others, and being of service to anyone who needs it.”

Tracy Broderick

Tracy Broderick, RADT1

PM Shift Lead

“I absolutely love my staff and admin team. It makes a huge difference to work for a company that is so wonderful and cares about me. My passion is giving hope to those struggling with substance use disorders and seeing the light come on for them.”
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