Our Team

Meet Our Incredible Treatment Team

Meet the team

Meet ‘Our Team,’ a steadfast crew of recovery professionals dedicated to treating each of our clients’ sobriety with the respect and dignity it deserves. We know clients look to our staff to model appropriate sober behavior, so we take seriously the guidelines and methods used at Circle of Hope.

Want to know a little more about our team? Not a problem! At Circle of Hope, we treat the individual holistically: mind, body, and spirit. Our staff is trained to provide our residents with a specialized treatment plan, one that meets their unique needs, choices, and concerns.

Counselors on our team maintain a 3-1 client to staff ratio, allowing them ample time to spend with each client. Circle of Hope retains an growing staff to ensure our fully credentialed treatment center can deliver the highest level of care.

Join us for a tour, or contact us now to find out more about how our dedicated specialists can help you or a loved one start on your path to recovery today!

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