Luxury Rehab in California

Luxury Rehab in California

Luxury rehab in California is a hotly debated topic. Some claim that a luxury rehab might be a show of opulence, while others note that it’s trying to serve a legitimate purpose. Because it’s such a charged topic, many operators of luxury rehabs in California try to offer value for the money that their programs demand.

For many Americans today, rehab is the only way for them to reclaim their lives from the shadow of addiction. The California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) found that six percent of the state’s residents were dependent on alcohol, with three percent being dependent on illicit drugs as of 2018. While California’s drug abuse problem isn’t a new issue for the state to deal with, it does show how important rehab is for residents of the region.

Luxury rehabs provide similar services to regular recovery centers for addiction. There are distinct differences in approaches and therapy offered for coping with dependence on a substance. Reliance on a substance doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is addicted to it. If a person cannot function normally without a substance within their bloodstream, they are dependent on the substance.

Addiction follows dependence when the person starts making bad choices to satisfy their need for the drug. Addiction is a brain disease that leads to these bad decisions being made. To overcome addiction and dependence requires a dedicated effort on behalf of both the recovering individual and their rehab center.

Typically, the process of rehab starts with detoxification, then goes into inpatient or outpatient treatment. Many luxury rehab centers operate as inpatient facilities. At these facilities, a person can seek to leave their dependence and addiction behind with the support of well-trained medical staff.

The patient is monitored at all times, and their access to substances is heavily restricted. In many cases, especially where use is a lifestyle decision, luxury rehabs provide the support to break with the environments and people that may lead to a relapse. Continued long-term support through behavioral therapies ensures that the individual doesn’t fall back into their old habits once they leave the facility. But what exactly defines a location as a luxury rehab spot?

What is Luxury Rehab in California?

California already has a reputation for being one of the wealthier states. California can boast the highest average net worth per capita of any state in the union. It makes sense, therefore, that luxury rehab in California is so popular. If someone is trying to break dependence on a substance, why not do it in a safe, secure facility that offers comfort and the lap of luxury to its visitors?

What’s more, since luxury rehab provides services to persons who may be in the media spotlight, these facilities offer heightened personal privacy. Leaving addiction and dependence behind is already a tough battle without sharing the experience with the rest of the world.

Luxury rehabs don’t just acquire a reputation because of their success rates, however. They’re termed luxury because everything is designed around helping a person envelop themselves with an environment conducive to recovery.

They are usually set amidst the backdrop of mountains or beaches. Individual accommodations are the norm, not the exception. Because many of the personalities that visit these recovery centers have to deal with dependency problems linked to their past, confidentiality is usually at the top of the facility’s requirements for treatment staff.

The limited flow of information out of the facility ensures that management can restrict what news goes out to protect the identity and privacy of its visitors.

These facilities also come equipped with other lavish additions such as yoga studios, gyms, and swimming facilities. These aren’t just for show since physical activity is part of the rehab process. However, while these may act as distractions and even aid in physical recovery in some cases, the core of luxury rehab is the same as standard rehab centers.

The aim is to get the patient off their substance dependence and reacquaint them with living in the world around them. Luxury rehab tries to center its efforts on holistic recovery. The nature of luxury rehab means that visitors can experience the true joy of recovering in a peaceful and tranquil setting yet still offer the full support of trained professionals. Despite their similarities, there are distinct differences between luxury rehab and standard rehab options.

What’s the Difference in Luxury Rehab?

Recovery from addiction is different for each individual. Regardless of earnings potential or socioeconomic background, each person trying to recover from their dependence and addiction has their own battle to fight. As unique as they are, luxury rehab facilities maintain the core functionality as a place to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. To this end, they provide the standard support mechanisms of any rehab center, including:

  • Drug Detox: These facilities have trained medical staff on hand. Unlike simple rehab facilities, these fancy rehab centers rely on medical experts that are at the top of their field.
  • World-Class Addiction Specialists: Luxury rehab centers provide access to some of the best researchers and practitioners of addiction recovery in the world. Because of the reputation these experts have, a luxury rehab facility can usually boast a high success rate in its caseload.
  • Expertly Trained Psychological Support: Psychiatric treatment is one of the main draws of these luxury rehab facilities because of the professionals providing the support. These experts are among the most well-regarded in their field. Their use of behavioral therapies helps addicted individuals recover from addiction over the long term.
  • Relapse Prevention Support: Overcoming addiction sometimes means dealing with the problem of relapse. Professionals in luxury centers help recovering individuals understand the triggers for relapse to help them spot it before it becomes an issue.

The increased cost of luxury facilities comes from having to support a large number of experts. In addition to the experts, these facilities’ increased price tag means that they can offer a wider choice of therapies to help recovering individuals deal with their dependence issues. Unfortunately, because of the size of the setting and the cost of the facility, these rehab centers can only support a small number of clients.

How Does the Cost of Luxury Rehab Compare?

Generally, luxury rehab tends to come with a more significant price tag than simple rehab centers. As we covered before, these facilities offer world-class support, but to do so, they require a lot of income to pay the salary for these expert staff members. Additionally, upkeep on vast, sprawling grounds that are typically the backdrop for treatment in these cases can be pretty expensive. In addition to taking care of the grounds and paying staff, these facilities offer a wide array of facilities for their visitors. These also carry their own maintenance fees, making it expensive to run a luxury rehab center in California.

The most vital bit of information to remember is that you get what you pay for in luxury rehab. Treatments including therapies may be similar to those in simple rehab, but the staff has a more hands-on approach. Since there are only a handful of clients, the staff can dedicate more of their energies towards customizing and streamlining a treatment plan for each individual. Thanks to lowered stress of practitioners and the increased resources, they can experiment with new, cutting-edge treatment methods that other facilities may not be equipped to handle.

Unfortunately, because of their settings and the individuals involved, these rehab centers are unfairly compared to luxury vacations. Recovery is not an easy road, and comparing them to holidays is cheapening the experience. Within the walls of luxury rehab facilities are the same hard-working doctors, therapists, and support staff that exist in simple rehab centers. The only difference is that they have a different class of clients to deal with, and the security and privacy of their clients are of the utmost importance. In paying for a luxury rehab, a visitor not only experiences the best treatment available but also ensures that the details of their ordeal remain their own to share.

Luxury Rehab In California

EMDR Inpatient Treatment in Luxury Rehab

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapy used in treating dependence and addiction in luxury rehab facilities. In general usage, EMDR is used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and trauma. Its effectiveness relies on using methods to distract the person while they recall traumatic experiences. In pr5actice, having a diversion to focus on usually limits the impact of the traumatic experience on the person. Over time, the therapy seeks to limit the feelings of helplessness and despair that these traumatic experiences have on the individual.

EMDR had several steps in its application:

  • Preparation and Assessment: in this phase, a patient is evaluated, including their history and the reasons they may need EMDR to recover from their situation. In rehab centers, EMDR helps individuals cope with the surrounding stress and anxiety that may trigger them to become chronic substance users. This phase helps to highlight these triggers to focus on during treatment.
  • Treatment: During treatment, the medical professional will help the patient target their specific memories associated with stress. Bilateral stimulation combined with eye movements helps keep the person distracted while recalling the situations they may have gone through. The distractions remove the person’s focus on the event and allow them to face the underlying issues that the circumstances may have brought on.
  • Evaluation: After a person has undergone EMDR treatment, the doctor or medical professional may want to evaluate their progress. This evaluation helps build a more tailor-made solution for each individual, helping them cope with their stress-based addiction on a case-by-case basis. EMDR may not work for some individuals, and this approach ensures that no time is wasted on trying a technique with a low chance of success.

EMDR has proven a massive success in treating trauma and PTSD. Its use in treating addiction stems from the close relationship between addiction and stress disorders. By treating trauma, medical researchers believe they can lessen the urge to use the substance as time goes on. During the early part of the process, recovering individuals identify the source of their distress. Next, individuals deal with imagery and use stress-reduction techniques to cope with the trauma. The patient then starts to unpack their negative beliefs about themselves. Throughout the process, the recovering person may discover things about themselves that help them come to terms with their addiction and slowly overcome it.

Long-Term Support for Recovering Patients

EMDR can be a helpful tool in treating addiction, and it usually sets the stage for other long-term treatment methods. Luxury rehab centers offer in-depth inpatient therapy sessions. These sessions vary between group therapy and one-on-one sessions. Both of these have their part of helping an individual recover from their dependence and reintegrate into society. One of the more popular and successful methods of long-term treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT has seen a lot of success in helping recovering individuals with their urges. The most complex issue to deal with when leaving a facility is the number of added stimuli that might lead to a person relapsing.

CBT addresses this by giving a unique insight into the thoughts that lead to bad decisions. By spotting these thoughts early, the recovering person can better deal with their urges. In a less confined environment, this approach can be crucial to helping someone deal with potential relapse when they re-enter the regular world.

Choosing the Right Luxury Rehab for Your Needs

Each luxury rehab is different, but that’s because they cater to the needs of the individual. Privacy and security form some of the core competencies of a good luxury rehab, but the staff’s reputation also goes a long way. Circle of Hope is one luxury rehab that ensures its visitors’ comfort and safety. With access to some of the best medical experts, we provide a unique service that’s second to none. Why spend the rest of your life trying to juggle addiction and your career? Give us a call today, and we’ll set up a discreet meeting for you to discuss your stay with us.

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